Sharpen your eye and test your skill.

Mid Ireland Adventure archery range introduces you to the joy of the recurve bow. Take a step back into the past and experience the world of Robin Hood. Celebrate a sport that has shaped the human history of hunting, sport and competition. Discover the joy of losing a perfectly aimed arrow at your target under the keen eye of our experts. Shooting a modern-style recurve bow is truly invigorating, and the medieval-style longbow, made to all traditional standards, offers a true test of skill and strength. Every session is carefully tailored to the ability of the participants. We will lead you through every step of the experience, from how to hold the bow and arrow to how to aim and fire at a static target with extreme precision. Suitable for all skill levels,as long as they are able to hold a bow. No experience is required, as long as they are able to hold a bow.


For the price on the Archery - €30pp(minimum group size of 5 people)

These are just some of the events that we can offer.
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